5 Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a filthy word!

It puts a frown on most peoples’ faces.

It has connotations of dark, dubious evil schemes that are designed to entrap innocent victims.

Reasons people fail at internet marketing
I, and many other successful marketers think otherwise.

We believe that Internet marketing is a powerful profession – one that enables people to take control of their reality and of their finances.

Internet Marketing levels the scales for small to medium businesses and give them a chance to compete with the big guns. It focuses more on key aspects like value for money, customer satisfaction rather than just a big brand name with a colossal marketing budget!

Still, internet marketing has a deplorable terrible reputation.

It is something that your family and friends would not advise you to ‘trifle’ or ‘gamble’ with.

If you tell people that you are an internet marketer, they begin to form preconceptions about you – regarding you as manipulative, pushy and non-trustworthy.

There is just one reason for thismost people have neither the aptitude nor the diligence that is required to succeed at marketing. They are looking for quick fixes. They do anything to escape working hard. They do not want to learn new skills. They do not possess the gravitas to commit to an idea. They have the attention span of a toddler. They are in a wretched state of mind. I could literally go on forever!

Before you continue, I HIGHLY suggest you take 6 minutes more to watch this AMAZINGLY Motivational Video on FAILURE.  It’s got over 19 MILLION views for a reason:

I sincerely hope you took the time to watch that video.  It’s life changing for sure. 

Keep in mind now, the most significant problem that causes people to never succeed is – not admitting that they were wrong.

Nobody likes to acknowledge their mistakes; people look for extenuating factors and reasons to justify their failures. The easiest way to do this is to blame the profession itself! So please do yourself a favor and steer clear of these 5 pitfalls…

The top 5 Reasons People Fail at Internet Marketing:

1) Having the wrong attitude: Technical mistakes are nothing; they are fairly easy to fix. However, it is almost impossible to fix a wrong attitude. The thing is, internet marketing is meant for people who have belief in their decisions and in themselves.

It is meant for leaders. However, not all of us can be leaders. Society does not function that way. Most people are designed to work 9 to 5 jobs. It is only a select few who have the emotional stability and the confidence to impress others with their thoughts, personality and opinions.

You have to decide now whether you are a leader or not. Being your own boss has many rewards but it also means shouldering more responsibilities. Do you have the mental strength and the willpower to take upon new challenges? Do you need a boss to motivate you or do your actions serve as inspiration and motivation for others? Internet Marketing will test your mettle and you will succeed only if you remain strong and committed.

You don’t need to have an IQ of 160 to become a successful internet marketer (although it wouldn’t hurt), you just need to remain committed.

Try a little positive thinking – you’ll be surprised just how POWERFUL it really is!

2) Being misinformed: The net is full of self proclaimed millionaires who were homeless, divorced, computer illiterate and depressed until they found this new magical idea that flooded their bank accounts with cold hard cash. Don’t fall for such phoney stories.

Don’t be an emotional fool!

There is no point in being persistent if your basic money making strategy is to find other emotional fools like you. An online business is like any other business in the real world. You cannot go far without a solid, tangible product or service

3) Having a sub-standard mailing list: Interact with people who want to interact with you. Get them to interact with you by offering value. Strive to create a list of subscribers who cannot wait to hear from you. There is no point in investing money in a list that is full of people who will never open your emails.

Take the longer but surer route instead. Build a list of subscribers that have willingly given you their email addresses because they thought that you are cool and can be trusted. It takes time to build such a list but once you do, you make huge sums of money over and over! If you do insist on buying email lists, they buy from somebody who consistently delivers results.  If you want to learn how to do this, Inbox Blueprint or Publish Academy (Both by Anik Singal) can help.  Another amazing product worth checking out is “Build my List” by Jimmy Kim.  While IB and PA by Anik are available only for a limited time, build my list should be around for a while.

4) Creating content for search engines, not people: Nobody went viral by chance! Content becomes popular simply because it is good. Search engines like what people like. So if you cannot get people to like you, the search engines never will.

5) Not focusing on link-building: Granted, SEO is not for EVERYBODY, but if you’re blogging at ALL you should pay attention to it.  I know that link building is a bit tedious. However, it is indispensable if you want to create a high traffic website! Many people can write quality content but still their site never receives the traffic that it deserves. The reason – not enough high quality links or people talking about you on social media sites!

Jeff Lenney

  • Roger Bray says:

    Jeff, I really apologize it seems like I am riding the fence, my health plays a major distraction. I need serious help.

  • Stan says:

    Thanks for the honest article Jeff. I see an area I can improve in my business as I mull over the information here. Being misinformed caused me a lot of wasted time and money when I first started learning about internet marketing.

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